Production Services & Assurance

Production Services Responsibilities

  • Manage production migration of enterprise business systems source code to production for IU community utilization of IU written applications.
  • Manage of enterprise systems batch schedules utilizing automated batch scheduling product.
  • Provide job runtime analysis for batch schedules utilizing UITS automated batch scheduling product.
  • Management the contents of UITS after hour support contact list.
  • Pre-production testing of IU written applications batch schedules.
  • Define and manage batch schedules utilized to provide system and data backup services.
  • Manage pre-production preparedness process for enterprise systems applications, Production Assurance area within Production Services.
  • Management of UITS Disaster Recovery document storage and annual review process.
  • Migration of enterprise business systems online application source code from test to production for all IU written applications.
  • Migration of enterprise business systems batch application source code from test to production for IU written applications.
  • Obtain UITS automated batch scheduling product from supplying vendor, including patches and updates.
  • Work with hardware system administrators to install automated batch schedule product and updates.
  • Validate and test automated batch scheduling product and subsequent changes meeting the needs of enterprise system batch scheduling areas.
  • Receive batch schedule flow information from development areas and define schedules in automated batch scheduling product.  (First test then production).
  • Monitor and review batch schedules for optimal design and perform runtime analysis.
  • Train development community on how to request batch schedule additions and monitor schedule execution.
  • Training of development and operation?s staff on utilization of automated batch scheduling product.
  • Creation of batch setup template for steps to define and implement enterprise system batch schedules.
  • Receive updates from UITS service owners to manage contents of UITS DS.CALL, after hours contact list.

Production Assurance Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with enterprise system development areas monthly production release schedule of events.
  • Create and manage contents of enterprise systems technical architecture diagrams.
  • Create and manage production assurance template documents for enterprise systems completion of pre-production checklist, support matrix, and production setup/migration/installation steps.
  • To assure all enterprise application systems have specific UITS areas to own and support components/services.
  • Manage document repository of enterprise systems pre-production completed documentation, including application architecture diagrams and batch flow diagram.
  • Training enterprise systems developers and infrastructure staff on steps and processes to follow for production setup of new application services and ongoing enhancements.

UITS Disaster Recovery Responsibilities

  • Management the collection and storage of UITS disaster recovery documents.
  • Coordinate with the UITS ABC server manager the addition of services requiring DR plans plus retirement of obsolete services.
  • Management of the storage site containing recovery plans to assure backup and recovery requirements are met and maintained.
  • Coordination of annual review of recovery document content with service owners.
  • Continued enhancement of disaster recovery document maintenance and automation to meet UITS technology needs.
  • Work with OVPIT EMC team to ensure UITS processes are consistent with the broader university efforts.