Equipment Monitoring

Data Center Operations utilizes WhatsUp Gold by Ipswitch Inc. for constant monitoring of systems, servers, and infrastructure.

To initiate the process for Data Center Operations to monitor your equipment you must submit an equipment monitoring request.

WhatsUp Gold is capable of the following features:

  • High-performance predictive monitoring of networks, systems, applications, and services, including wireless networks
  • Over 200+ network and infrastructure reports providing real, actionable intelligence
  • An industrial strength management architecture using the most advanced standards (SNMP v1-3, TCP, ICMP, SSH) available
  • Comprehensive out-of-the box support for WMI, supporting complete Windows service monitoring
  • Agentless monitoring for Unix and Linux systems using SSH
  • Integrated application (MS Exchange, NT Services, and MS SQL) monitoring capabilities delivering critical process and performance analytics
  • Rich capability for synthetic transaction monitoring ensuring application performance and integrity
  • The industry's leading alert management platform, featuring easy to use alarms, alerts and notification capabilities for real-time operations support
  • Split second graphs and InstantInfo feature supporting real-time troubleshooting activities
  • A highly flexible, automated, and comprehensive network discovery and mapping platform
  • Quick navigation with intuitive Web and Windows consoles, which provide 360° visibility