Data Center Facts


  • Low-profile, single story bunkered design to protect the university's critical computers and networking equipment
  • Complex square feet: 90,000
  • Building gross square feet: 82,700
  • Designed to withstand an F5 tornado via FEMA building standards
  • Advanced fire suppression and security system
  • 1.5 MW generators with space for a third expansion unit
  • Two 16-cylinder 2,200HP Cummins diesel engines
  • 24x7 Operations Center
  • Constant monitoring of systems, servers, infrastructure
  • Prompt reaction and response for all three IU Data Centers

Enterprise Pod

  • Houses the university's enterprise systems
  • 11,000 square feet of raised floor space
  • Designed as a Tier-3 facility in accordance with the Uptime Institute's four-tier model
  • Designed for a power density of 100 watts per square foot
  • 1MW power distribution
  • Ten (4 currently, 6 in the future) power distribution units (PDU)
  • 24 (12 currently, 12 in the future) remote power panels (RPP), each powered by two separate RPPs fed by two separate PDUs
  • 2 rotary UPS with flywheel energy storage rated at 750kVA/675kW N+1 parallel configuration for Enterprise Pod

Research Pod

  • Houses research and high performance computing hardware, as well as electrical and cooling redundancy
  • 11,000 square feet of raised floor space
  • 500kVA UPS along with back-up generators for HPC switches, head nodes, and all spinning disks
  • 2MW power distribution design with engineered expansion capabilities
  • 2 rotary UPS with flywheel energy storage rated at 1040kW for Research Pod